Not sure which litti. flavour to try? No problem! 

Prepare for a flavour-packed journey with the litti. Juici Taster Pack! Each pack features three 0.5g pre-rolls infused with pure diamonds and our classic Slappn’ Berry, Gulupa Gulp, and Savage Oh J flavours! Gulupa Gulp is all about the tropical vibes with its passion fruit flavour, while Slappn’ Berry delivers a burst of berrylicious goodness. And Savage Oh J? It’s that orange citrus vibe.

Experience the best of litti. with three classic flavors, each filled with primo hybrid bud infused with diamonds and high flavour. Get ready to dive into the Juici good vibes with every toke and elevate your smoking experience to the next level!  But it’s not just about the flavours; it’s about the high. litti.ensures that each pre-roll packs a punch, delivering a potent buzz that’s sure to lift your spirits and elevate your day.  

The best part? You can share the good vibes. Pass these pre-rolls around, take a toke, and let the positive vibes flow. It’s the perfect way to connect with friends and enjoy the LITTIest thing around.