LITTI Dope AF Vanilla 510 Vape Cart
LITTI’s Dope AF Vanilla 510 vape cart is your ticket to a vanilla-tasting paradise.
This bad boy packs a punch with 1 gram of pure THC topped with liquid diamonds and a tasty dose of vanilla terp goodness. Each hit is like a flavour explosion, kinda like vaping a mouthful of creamy vanilla custard. We’re talking major flavour and effects, fam.
What’s the secret sauce? It’s pure THC distillate infused with sweet vanilla terpenes. So, every puff is like a sweet, sweet journey to flavour nirvana. What’s epic about this vape cart is how it balances the strong stuff with smooth vibes. 
The potency is no joke, but the creamy vanilla notes make it go down like a dream.